Wednesday, August 1, 2007

R•T•B rains over N•Y•C

The birthplace of hip-hop hosted two days of Rock the Bells on Randall’s Island July 28&29. Here’s a re-cap of the politically-charged and marijuana-at-large ten-hour festival:

Day attended• 29

Weather• Cloudy, breezy and a chance of soaking wet from rain with no shelter in sight for five straight hours.

Audioslave who?• Rage Against the Machine just came off of a seven-year hiatus? Couldn’t tell from that performance.
Set list included: Testify, Killing in the Name, Freedom, People of the Sun and Vietnow.

Most prized piece of “free shit”• The towel from the “be the next rap superstar” sweepstakes booth for drying off. Well, after three wipe downs.. smearing the water around your body is more like it

Yeeeaaahhhh Bbbboooyyy• Flavor Flav was the sole performer that treated the crowd to a feel. Also, Scott Ian of Anthrax joined him, Chuck D and the rest of Public Enemy for “Bring Tha Noise”
Set list included: 911 is a Joke, Public Enemy No. 1, Don’t Believe the Hype

Can you ssssaaayyy contact high?• B-real of Cypress Hill, who clearly smoked the fattest spliff in the place [on stage] also helped a band mate take a hit from a 4ft bong. Also add: 80 percent of the 35,000 fans who joined him. They also get best stage prop for the 25ft high gold blow up Buddha holding a pot leaf.
Set list included• Hand on the Pump, Ain’t Goin’ Out like That, Insane in the Membrane, Dr. Greenthumb

Most participated audience hand gesture• The “W” symbol for Wu-Tang Clan
Set list included: CREAM, Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Wu-tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ Ta Fuck With, Method Man

Best beat box• Rahzel, who co-hosted the festival along with Supernatural and Hi-Tek, delivered “If your mother only knew” where he beat boxed AND sang at the same time.

Best graphic tee sold•

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Sey yeS said...

How was MF DOOM!! Thats the only reason I wanted to go, but I didn't have the cash for just that.

ree•rah said...

Unfortunately, he was playing at the same time as Cypress Hill so I missed him :( I also had a front row seat that I wasn't giving up for the life of me!

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