Monday, July 30, 2007


Hardboiled crime fiction refers to a literary style pioneered by Dashiell Hammett in the late 1920s and refined by Raymond Chandler beginning in the late 1930s. Hardboiled fiction, most commonly associated with detective stories, is distinguished by an unsentimental portrayal of crime, violence, and sex. From its earliest days, hardboiled fiction was published in and closely associated with so-called pulp magazines. Later, many hardboiled novels were published by houses specializing in paperback originals, also colloquially known as "pulps." Consequently, "pulp fiction" is often used as a synonym for hardboiled crime fiction. The name comes from a colloquial phrase of understatement. For an egg, to be hardboiled is to be comparatively tough.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Geometry (Greek γεωμετρία; geo = earth, metria = measure) is a part of mathematics concerned with questions of size, shape, and relative position of figures and with properties of space. Geometry is one of the oldest sciences. Initially a body of practical knowledge concerning lengths, areas, and volumes, in the third century B.C. geometry was put into an axiomatic form by Euclid, whose treatment set a standard for many centuries to follow. Astronomy served as an important source of geometric problems during the next one and a half millenia.

Friday, July 27, 2007

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just a jacknife – a sound twist, but firm, and life here through a looking glass much sweeter decapitating empty alibis rather than the sea swell that drank the last pure drops of my soul.

- r

Movement #18

Friday (pronunciation IPA: [fɹaɪ.deɪ] or [fɹaɪ.di]) is traditionally considered the sixth day of the week, falling between Thursday and Saturday, as it does in countries that adopt a Sunday-first convention. In countries adopting the Monday-first, and, in work-based conventions, it is the fifth day of the week.
(hbday papa)

Tortoise - Deltitnu

Font Style Bullshit Mania!

Why hello there, blog reader! Heh, I didn't see you come in! Would you like some coffee? Cereal perhaps? I have Cap'n Crunch (with crunch berries!) Oh you came looking for a new font? That's fine, too. Let's have a look here and HOLY FUCK WHAT IS THIS.

Do you remember the days when the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" was used to show every letter in this beautiful (AMERICAN) alphabet? Well, let me tell you, Buddy, those days have gone the way of the Dodo bird. "But Anthony, what has that amazing (AMERICAN) sentence been replaced by?" An excellent question, (your name here), one that I can answer!

Here it is, in all it's misery.
"Queen Elizabeth's proxy waved off Mick Jagger"

Just out of frame: the birth of Jesus Christ.

First-of-fucking-all, I follow no orders from some 300 year old Queen of Anywhere. Second of all, beforementioned 300 year old Queen's proxy (who i would suspect to be around her age) would have no strength to wave off Mick Jagger, a 300 year old musician. This sentence is bullshit.

I'm most offended because I am an American, and as such, everything I read, hear, and see should be in ENGLISH THE COUNTRY OF AMERICA THE GREATEST OKAY? So I'm going to take the liberty of changing this God-forsaken sentence into something a little more refreshing for all God Fearing Americans to enjoy. Want to hear it, here it go.

"George W. Bush's own hand waved off the country of his choosing for their negligence while beating up sharks."

Isn't that much better? It rolls off the tongue much faster, and it makes America look exactly what it should look like, FUCKING COOL. By the way, if you're not a Bush fan, you can replace him with any past President or present candidate of your choosing! Fun for all. Wait, fun for all AMERICANS.

Now I know where the dilemma would come in. "Ant! Ant! There is no letter 'j' 'm' 'p' 'q' 'x' or 'z' in that sentence! How do I know what these letters look like?" We-he-hell, this is a crap question, but I'll still give it the time of day. There doesn't have to be these letters in the sentence because they are far inferior to the one's in there already. Look at that sentence again, I'll wait. Pretty ball-busting good, right? Those letters would just take away from the awesomeness.
ALSO! You really want to know what those letters look like? Like, really, really want to know? Here's an idea, punch the fucking 'j' key on your keyboard, dumb ass! See what just came up?! A 'J', how's about that!

America needs to impress no other people ever, so I think it's time we used this new incredible sentence instead of that other sentence which is so useless and stupid and doesn't apply to Americans.

My point has been made.

- C.M. Ant

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Darjeeling Limited: Not The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Since 'The Life Aquatic' I have been waiting for the The Fantastic Mr. Fox set to be directed by Wes Anderson. It's taken from the famous writer, Roald Dahl, who brought us such classics as 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' & 'James and the Giant Peach'. It looked like the movie was being put on hold for some reason. A few months back I heard from a friend about a new movie WA was working on starring Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman and Adrien Brody. I finally knew what the delay was. Now after months of waiting has the exclusive trailer for The Darjeeling Limited written by Anderson, Jason S., and Roman Coppola. The three starring characters go on a journey through India to "find themselves" after the recent death of their father. The trailer alone had me hooked once The Kinks song "This Time Tomorrow" kicked in. For fans of The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, and The Squid and the Whale I know you will love this.

Go here to see the trailer. The film is set for a September 29th, 2007 (limited) release.
The Fantastic Mr. Fox is set for some time in 2009. Cross your fingers.


You Need To Watch

Some Planet Fucking Earth

Planet Earth is a documentary running in Animal Planet shot in HD. It is one of the most ambitious televisual attempts at documenting the story of how life on Earth developed. The program took five years to assemble, was shot on razor-sharp high definition cameras, and is one of the most costly productions of its type. PE covers a vast amount of ground as computer graphics help illustrate the birth of the planet, with stunning photography capturing the evolution of the world and its inhabitants. Click that link up there to find out when it's showing on your tube next. You gotta see some of these shots these assholes get. And oh wait, here are some animal pictures to get you in the mood.

Oh Yes. That just happened.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Love

Nicotine is an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants (Solanaceae), predominantly in tobacco, and in lower quantities in tomato, potato, eggplant (aubergine), and green pepper. Nicotine alkaloids are also found in the leaves of the coca plant. Nicotine constitutes 0.3 to 5% of the tobacco plant by dry weight, with biosynthesis taking place in the roots, and accumulating in the leaves. It is a potent neurotoxin with particular specificity to insects; therefore nicotine was widely used as an insecticide in the past, and currently nicotine derivatives such as imidacloprid continue to be widely used. Light it up. Suck it in. Blow it out. No big deal.

When you wash your hands with liquid soap do you..