Friday, March 13, 2009

A Sunday Mile

Just for the sake of keeping this alive...

A Sunday Mile

  I have rarely taken such a look around as I have today. My walks usually bare a meaning, taking these autumn strolls with hands stuffed into jacket pockets, hands gripping the lining to keep just a bit warmer while thinking about how to clear my mind. I never took the time to capture the beauty of the leaf shower coming down on me, fire glow orange and rose pedal red. The trees looming just a bit closer while gripping their last leaves to keep just a bit warmer.

  I remember walking and usually looking down. My steps becoming a bit quicker with each step, trying to catch the silhouette in front of me. The sun glistened all around me, everything in front of me, and all that I had passed. Still, I sought that shadow. In the midst of great yearning I forgot to look up, even if just once, to see the rainbow of colors splashing down on me and my silhouette. The reflection of the light off of puddles, blades of grass, and the beauty I had been passing by all this time.

  Now as I walk, I wonder what things would be like if I never thought to look up. Seeing the majesty of all that lay in front of me on this path I created. Snapped twigs and crunched grass of my doing. The trees looming ever closer, whispering to me that all is forgiven. My shadow still in front of me, but I lead it now instead of chasing it. These Sunday walks seem a bit longer now, although they’re always the same length.

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