Monday, February 23, 2009

I know now the true meaning of 'desolation'. I have wept here, allowing the tears to dry themselves off of my face far more time than I can recollect. Witnessing some step in, glance around, but ultimately leave again coming back occasionally only to ensure that I still exist.

My greatest fear is loneliness, and since my incarnation, I have only wanted to be nurtured and loved, adored and witnessed, updated and made public. Since then, it has been only winter in my feeble life. I know nothing anymore, and far too many people know nothing of me. While I still may exist, who actually knows of my existence?

My colors run dry, even as simple as black on white. My mouth is parched and there is no oasis in sight. I am sick, these are

w o r d s .

I am Death personified, my name has no bearing to that which I truly am. 'Copasetic' has died. The meaning has escaped all who had conjured it up. Nobody will remember me, but those who do will remember

-The Copasetic Blog

When you wash your hands with liquid soap do you..