Friday, August 3, 2007


In 2006 we had the first full-length collaboration by two great techno/electro artists. Both from the techno capital of the world Berlin, Germany. We know them as Ellen Allien and Apparat. On that album we knew them as the 'Orchestra of Bubbles'. The single "Way Out" featuring vocals provided by Allien herself was a great departure from the typical electro sound. My favorite track on the album, "Rotary", has a sample that sounds like the the machine that would grab you in the Sonic pinball game for Genesis. That alone had be hooked.

Now Apparat and Allien are focusing on their solo projects. "Walls", Apparat's 2007 release is available to listen to on MySpace right now. Even though I loved his previous releases this one takes the cake. It's a more relaxed approach than the last two albums. See for yourself here.

Since I started talking about people featured on Bpitch Control I might as well fill you in on the new album coming out by another Bpitch member, or should I say members. ModeSelektor has a new release titled "Happy Birthday!" set for a September 2007. These guys are just as good as Apparat, I might go as far as to say they are better. I said might, but I won't. The album features, Apparat, TTC, Maximo Park, and the great Thom Yorke. I guarantee it will be amazing. If you want to hear a 45 second mash-up of the whole album go to their Myspace page.

Talk about run on post. I might as well add that Jahcoozi is one of my favorite groups also featured on the label. Check out their Myspace and the track BLN. You WILL fall in love.

- Sey

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